Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PPT BACKGROUND OCTOBER 14, ORDINARY 28C, PROPER 23C, PENTECOST +20/Fondo PPT Octubre 14, Ordinario 28C/Pano-de-fundo PPT Outubro 14, Ordinário 28C

PPT backgrounds for Sunday, October 14, Ordinary 28C, Proper 23C, Pentecost +20.

PPT background for text…
Fondo (pano-de-fundo) PPT para texto…

Fondo PPT para el domingo 14 de octubre. Ordinario 28C.

Pano-de-fundo PPT para o Domingo 14 de Outubro, Ordinário 28C.


Anonymous said...

Superb work! I found it while googling artwork for World Communion Sunday.

When/If I am able to start using presentations in worship I will remember your site.

Good luck.

And to those who use this excellent up!

Rev. Norman Prather

SundayGraphx said...

Pastor Prather,

Thank you for your comment.

I would like to clarify that the graphics posted on this blog are free for churches to use. Donations are completely voluntary, a matter of the heart, not an obligation. You are welcome back to visit and use the graphics at any time whether you donate or not :-)