Monday, February 4, 2008


Dear Friends,
My grieving is at times unbearable. So much sadness and pain, I feel I cannot keep on with my weekly responsibility with the blog at this point. I've decided to take a two week time off and plan to return with the graphic for Sunday, February 24. Please, keep me in your prayers. Thank you, and sorry for any complications this may cause to your church graphics plans.

Apreciados amigos/as.
Mi tiempo de duelo llega a veces insoportable. Mucha tristeza y dolor, siento que no puedo continuar con la responsabilidad semanal con este blog en este momento. He decidido, entonces, tomar un tiempo libre de dos semanas pensando regresar con la gráfica para el domingo 24 de febrero. Favor de mantenerme en su lista de oración. Gracias y perdón por cualquier problema que pueda causar a sus planes de gráficas para su iglesia.


alidajuli said...

Don: I was just checking to see how you are doing and it worries me to know that for some reason you are not in peace. I wish I could tell you the words your heart needs to hear to find that peace. Sometimes we don't understand and can't bear the pain of separation, I firmely believe your mother is closer to you now, than ever before. Talk to her often and even write to her letters, you must relieve your pain talking the things that were not said and finally letting her be in the arms of Jesus. Now you have another saint to help you in heaven. Your ministry is so good and important, you do such a great work.. May God bless you and confort you at this moment.

Anonymous said...

Cuenta con nuestras oraciones. Rvdo. Amaury Tañón-Santos

M Christopher said...

Don, my brother,
The brothers and sisters at Good Shepherd Baptist Church are grieving with you and praying for you. Your work has been a blessing to us. May the peace of Christ return to your heart very soon.

Alistair said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you. The death of a parent, even when expected, is always a wrench as you realise that your connections to the previous generation, to that love and care and support, are being severed. Thank you for the graphics you have created over this past time as you have tended your mother. There is inspiration in them for us when we know the story behind their coming to light.

Juan Guillermo Feliciano said...

Muy amado del Señor: PAZ.

Descansa y confia, estaremos aqui esperando tu inmensa colaboracion con tantas iglesias.

En honor a tu mami, descansa en la Paz de Jesus. EL vino a recoger a tu mami y llevarla a la Morada que habia preparado para ella (a la medida exacta) en La Casa de Nuestro Padre.

Descansa, hermano mio. Descansa que Dios descansó cuando fue necesario.


Pastor Juan

Terry said...


You have impacted the ministries of so many churches with the gifts that God has given you and we appreciate that more than you likely know. We also grieve with you at the loss of your mother. It is our prayer that you find peace and comfort with Christ during this difficult time. We look forward to your return. God bless.

Because of Him ~ Terry

Anonymous said...

Betania Presbyterian Church:

Estimado Don:
Sabemos que a los que Dios ama todas las cosas la ayudan para aprender y comprender que el Amor de Dios tiene múltiples formas para manifestarse.
Estamos contigo y continuaremos orando por tu restablecimiento emocional.
Dios te siga bendiciendo.

Rev. Ramos y Betty.

Mark said...

Don, we've just discovered your bulletin cover artwork this year, and appreciate your efforts to enhance church's worship experience. Please know that the people of Weldon Valley Presbyterian (Colorado) are holding you in prayer. Blessings on you my friend, you do not grieve alone.

Anonymous said...

May you truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit comforting you through your grief and help you to know the love of Christ that surrounds your mother in the place that He has prepared for her.
We look forward to seeing you return to your ministry so that we will know that you are beginning to heal.
Your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Dear Don
I just came acroos your wonderful graphics a couple of months ago. I was saddened to hear of your dear Mother's passing and of your deep grief. Be assured that you are remembered in my prayers and that the good Lord will take care of your Mother. She is still with you in your mind and heart. God give you peace. Fr. Francis. (Australia )

Beezer said...

Don, I just recently discovered your blog. It is a fantastic help!

I am praying for you in your pain. I often find myself wondering how I can possibly go on...

Basil Day
Pastor, Deer Park UMC
Westminster, MD

Anonymous said...

May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you. Your graphics are such a blessing for our ministry. We are holding you in prayer during this dark time. United Methodist pastor

Joanne said...

We, too, at Cheney UMC hold you in prayer. The Scripture reading for us this week is Psalm 22, crying out in despair to God, while also realizing that God is with us in the deepest affliction, even death. To paraphrase the poet Ted Loder: Hearts, like bread, cannot be shared until broken. May your broken heart, which God shares, become a source of communion with all the saints, including your mother.
Rev. Joanne Coleman Campbell
Cheney, WA

Iglesia Presbiteriana Vida Nueva said...

Querido hermano

No me canso de orar por usted para que logre pasar esse valle de sombra, y en mis oraciones lo que pido al Señor es que le haga sentir que él esta a su lado, cuidándolo, consolándolo e infundiéndole aliento. Dirija sus ojos al Señor porque solo de él podrá venir el socorro para una crisis tan profunda y un dolor tan agudo. El Señor le llenará de paz y le dará la victoria contra la tristeza. Confio que pronto la obra de sanación que Dios esta haciendo en usted, estará completa.
Seguiré orando por eso mientras tanto.