Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sungbeen said...

I'm not good at expressing with English.
But it is very clear that I'm so sad hearing this news.
I thank Don's precious works.
Now, he is in Heaven with loving God. Someday I want to meet him at There with joy.
God bless Don and his family.

in South Korea, Sungbeen Hwang.

Rev Jose E. Muniz said...

A toda la familia Silva: Celebramos la vida de nuestro hermano Adoniram Silva y damos gracias a Dios por su testimonio de amor durante su vida. En lo personal por ser su pastor por mas de una decada y por la bendicion que fue a nuestra familia. Pidasmos consuelo y paz ante la partida de este hermano que mora con Dios. Con amor, Rev. Jose E. Muniz y familia (Jacksonville, FL)

Geoff Loats said...

From Down Under in Queensland Australia.

I was saddened to hear of Don's passing, however I believe that he is in the arms of the Lord, free from any pain or concerns. Don's backgrounds have been to the glory of the Lord. I have used them extensively in our PowerPoint presentations each Sunday and I know that they have been appreciated by many who saw them.

Don's blogspot was I believe unique not only in the quality of his work but the fact that I believe that his was the only site working to the Revised Common Lectionary. I hope and pray that the Lord has someone in the wings to continue this work.

Vale Don Silva, you will be truly missed. I extend my condolences to the family as I know what they may be going through as only four months ago my father left this earth to be with the Lord.

Thank you Lord for providing a very talented man to work for your glory.


Anonymous said...

Dear Silva Family,

I too was saddened to hear of Brother Don's passing away. I believe he is now in the presence of God.
I will miss him. This spot was one I checked first when planning our church bulletin. I appreciated his artistic and tasteful renderings using the Lectionary scriptures.

I deeply sympathize with the family in your bereavement.


Anonymous said...

DEar Jeff.
I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of your Uncle Don. I was addicted to his art work and I thank God for his wonderful talent and his life's work and inspiration.
I will offer Mass for his soul and for members of his family.
Fr. Francis Fuchs. ( Australia )

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of your family. I wonder if your uncle knew what a blessing he was to so many people.

Almost every Sunday our church was impacted by his art. I pray the Lord would bring the comfort and peace to you and your family, after a trying year.

I do praise God, however, because I am sure your uncle is finally at rest and peace.


Marney Wilde said...

Now is the time for us to grieve, to mourn with Don's family, and to praise God for the life of this talented servant who meant so much to us all.

Probably all of us here share in the ministry that Don so ably represented and that he helped all of us to express--the ministry of worship through the visual arts. I hope we can find a way to stay in touch with each other so that we can share how we continue to use Don Silva's work because I know that we will be using it for years to come. If you'd like to send your name and e-mail address I would be happy to hold those names so that we could know each other in the future through an email list or some other way. It would be good to stay in touch with Don's family and to let them know how much we love and value their beloved family member. I would not share your information except with this group.

I am Marney Wilde, the Visual Media Director of a Southern California Presbyterian Church and my e-mail is marney at wilde dot org.

I am so sorry that I cannot share this message in other languages. But I send this message now, before we are really ready to even consider anything other than remembering Don because some may stop checking this blog and I don't want to miss any of you.

Blessings and peace to all,

Anonymous said...

God be with your family as you go through this time. We have enjoyed Don's art work here at St. Luke's in Wilton, Maine. His contributions shall be missed by all. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Don is not here anymore. His amazing work inspired me every week to prepare my worship service. We will miss him forever, Paz-Julissa Alvarez-Garcia, CLP Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Principe de Paz.

Anonymous said...

Don's work was such a blessing to our church and to me. It made my job so much easier knowing I always had this site to fall back on. May God comfort your family during this time of loss. What a beautiful reunion going on in Heaven right now.

Selena F.
Gladwin Mich

Anonymous said...

I am literally heartbroken to hear that Don is not in this world any longer. I know by his work that he is with his Lord in heaven. I treasure even more the artwork that I have from Don's webpage. It has blessed and enhanced our worship many times. My prayers are with the family.
San Antonio, Tx

Juan Guillermo Feliciano said...

Vaya mi solidaridad y expresion de gratitud por la vida de Don Silva. Su arte y dedicacion, sus talentos y fidelidad, nos bendicen todavia. Su ejemplo nos inspira. Descansa en la PAZ del Senor.

A la familia: Gracias por compartir con nosotros a su querido DON SILVA.

Gracias. PAZ.

Rdo. Dr. Juan G. Feliciano
Ponce, Puerto Rico

M Weiler said...

May you feel the presence of God's Holy Spirit and find healing and comfort as you mourn the passing of Don Silva. My ministry and I have been blessed by his ministry. I join you in celebrating his life here on earth and his new life with our Heavenly Father.
Rev. M. Weiler

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,
I am shocked to hear of Don's death. His artistic talent was awsome and his dear kind heart really showed a profound love of God. I am so thankful that I got to know him a little bit through his art.
Here at La Iglesia Episcopal de San Lucas we really appreciated and depended on his art Sunday by Sunday. I greatly miss him and pray for Don, You and family.
en paz,
Annette Arnoldl-Boyd
Portland, Oregon

PS I hope the site continues
When I first saw his art I said "this is exactly what I've been looking for for years."

Mchael Maahs said...

Dear Jeff and Family,

I too was shocked to hear of his passing. I have used Don's artwork regularly in presenting God's Word to two churches in our central Saskatchewan parish. Many have been blessed by his work.

I missed his absence during August and looked forward to his return. I am deeply saddened by the sudden loss to the kingdom work on earth. But, I am grateful knowing that His faith has brought him home as a prince in God's heavenly kingdom.

I praise God this morning as I prepare for my sermon, for the gift he has given us through Don. May God bless you all with Joy even as you mourn.

Michael Maahs
Lutheran Brethren Church
Birch Hills, SK

Anonymous said...

¡Paz y Consuelo de nuestro Señor Jesucristo a la Familia Silva!

La contribución de Don a la vida litúrgica cristiana fue importantísima. Las imágenes que creó fueron excelentes instrumentos, no sólo para adornar boletines o preparar .ppt, sino para educar a nuestras congregaciones. Su compromiso con la expresión bíblica y la aplicación en la adoración serán admiradas por generaciones de cristianos.

Gracias a Dios por su vida y gracias a Dios por que se nos adelantó a la esperanza que profesamos.

Un abrazo solidario desde Nueva Jersey.

Rvdo. Amaury Tañón-Santos, Pastor
Central Baptist Church
Elizabeth, NJ

laz said...

Reading the comments from various people from such different parts of the world has also prompted me to write.

I came across Don's graphics as I was preparing for worship one Sunday about a year ago and as someone has already said thought in my mind that this is exactly what I was looking for as backgrounds for our worship.

We have since been using the graphics quite regularly and many people have been blessed by the inspired backgrounds.

Lazarus Cornelius
Worship Leader
Pashchim Vihar Congregation
Delhi Bible Fellowship
Delhi, India

Anonymous said...

I shared this sad news with members of the congregation where I worship and told them how we used Don's work each week to prepare our powerpoint presentations. All agreed that it has enriched our worship. They asked me to contact you and say how much we have appreciated Don's ministry in this way.

M Christopher said...

I join with all those above in sadness that we are now without the beautiful work of Don Silva, in gratitude that we were blessed with his work while he was with us, and in joy that his troubles are over and he is with the Lord. May God continue to comfort and bless all of Don's family and friends.

Rev. M. Christopher Boyer
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
Lynnwood, Washington, USA

Anonymous said...

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